Wedding Limo

The 7 Questions You Must Ask Any Limousine Service
Before Booking Your  Wedding …

  1. Are there any extra fees that I may incur from using your wedding limousine service?
    Make 100% sure that all possible charges are gone over well before booking your limo and that there are no hidden fees that may surprise you and your friends the day of your wedding.
  2. Is there a deposit required to book a wedding limo?
    Expect to put down at least a 50% deposit. Remember that if a limo service does not ask for a deposit and a signed contract they are not legally obligated to show up on your wedding day and may be easily persuaded to take a higher cash offer from a group that waited until the last second.
  3. How many vehicles are in your fleet of wedding limos?
    It’s a hard fact of life that any limo CAN breakdown at some point and any limo service that tells you different is totally lying. With that said, It’s not at all rude to ask a limo service the simple question “What happens incase of a breakdown?” You should at least be able to count on a replacement limo to resume your transportation at a moments notice. Limo services with small numbers of limos in their fleet will be far less likely to save your wedding day. Look for at least 15-20 cars as an answer.
  4. Is the limo driver’s tip included in the total quoted price?
    Unfortunately (because of how staggered wedding drop-offs are scheduled) it’s not uncommon for limo drivers to make it to the end of a fun-filled evening only to realize there is only one couple left in the limo with out the ability to show the proper appreciation for a service very well rendered. For over 30 years we have found far better satisfaction from wedding goers when being chauffeured by drivers that know their tip has already been taken care of.
  5. Can we come and see the exact limousine that will pick us up the day of our wedding?
    The limousine service that you choose should strongly recommend that you come and see the quality of their limos for yourself. Be especially weary of services that are run from residential homes, public parking lots, or from the same office as other businesses that are not related to the limousine service.
  6. Is your limo service licensed and insured in my state?
    Every state has vehicle safety and insurance regulations that must be strictly adhered to. Booking limos that are not in proper compliance is not only very dangerous but comes with a far stronger possibility of limo breakdown.
  7. How do I know that a group offering more cash at the last second won’t book the wedding limousine I reserved?
    Every year we get calls from students saying that they have been stood-up by their limo service. This can happen when parents make offers for as much as $500 – $1000 over and above the going rate of a limo for that day. Proper answers will include a combination of responses such as: inviting you to visit the limousine facility in person to pick your exact car, requiring contracts to be signed by both parties, requiring 50% or more deposits when booking the limo, the number of years the limo service has been in business, the large size of the services fleet and any responses that show you the service feels your pain and has made efforts in the past to help relieve you of this sad but real worry. Also keep an ear out for shady vocal tones while on the phone. If the person answering the phone at a limo service is in any way rude, short with you, or sounds like they are selling snake oil just hang-up and keep dialing.